Welcome to the home of Minnesota's scroll saw artists.
Fretwork designs were traditionally cut out with a fretsaw, but today most often with a scroll saw. The example on the left was created by North Star Scrollers member 'Swede' Bengtson. Click on the link at the left to view more examples from our talented members.
 Intarsia can be traced back to the middle ages in Italy. During the 1970's a new revival of the art form occurred that has resulted in an increase in the number of artists and designers who work with this beautiful dimensional art form. The piece at the left was created by North Star Scrollers member Jim Ryan and currently hangs on display at the Savage, Minnesota Public Library. Click on the link at the left to view the Intarsia gallery.
 Segmentation or portrait segmentation has been described by author Patrick Spielman as painted intarsia. Speilman says that rather than using wood's natural colors and textures, segmentation projects are usually made from one board in which pieces are cut from a pattern, colored with dye, the edges are rounded and the pieces are reassembled with glue to form the portrait. Here we feature the work of Rochester native and North Star Scroller member Matt Zarling.
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iHandy for your Smartphone
Check out the Info Exchange section at ScrollSaw Woodworking and Crafts for their note on the free iHandy Level app, available for both the Apple iPhone and Android based phones. Looks like a useful device. The app turns your smart phone into a level. A more sophisticated version, the iHandy Carpenter, adds addition features such as a protractor, plumb bob, ruler and two levels for $1.99. 

Other Updates
Check the Suppliers page where we have added new contact information about wood supplies available.

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

NorthStar Scrollers Meeting
January 4, 2015

9:30 - 11:30 AM

Knights of Columbus Hall

1114 American Blvd.

Bloomington 55420 – Lower Level

Come early for tips from our Mentors!

Previous Meetings:
December 2014
Nancy Dardis, a local, accomplished, and entertaining Pyrography Artist helped us explore the art of pyrography. 

November 2014
November's Meeting featured an all-star panel of Intarsia gurus. Jim Ryan, John Engler, Katie McBride, and Swede Bengston were on hand giving out the tricks of the trade for their favorite technique.
October 2014
October was all about hands-on work and good conversation as we cut wooden toys to support our favorite charity, TLC Toys.  Thanks to all who were on hand to help!
September 2014
Our own NSS member, Travis Beard, creates beautiful Marquetry projects using wood veneers. He shared his knowledge and creative ideas on using veneer wood to enrich our projects. There are some self-help training courses in marquetry and parquetry under the Resources tab at:
The History of Marquetry can be found at: http://www.americanmarquetrysociety.com/Marquetry.html