Welcome to the home of Minnesota's scroll saw artists.
Fretwork designs were traditionally cut out with a fretsaw, but today most often with a scroll saw. The example on the left was created by North Star Scrollers member 'Swede' Bengtson. Click on the link at the left to view more examples from our talented members.
 Intarsia can be traced back to the middle ages in Italy. During the 1970's a new revival of the art form occurred that has resulted in an increase in the number of artists and designers who work with this beautiful dimensional art form. The piece at the left was created by North Star Scrollers member Jim Ryan and currently hangs on display at the Savage, Minnesota Public Library. Click on the link at the left to view the Intarsia gallery.
 Segmentation or portrait segmentation has been described by author Patrick Spielman as painted intarsia. Speilman says that rather than using wood's natural colors and textures, segmentation projects are usually made from one board in which pieces are cut from a pattern, colored with dye, the edges are rounded and the pieces are reassembled with glue to form the portrait. Here we feature the work of Rochester native and North Star Scroller member Matt Zarling.
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Updates from  ScrollSaw Woodworking and Crafts

iHandy for your Smartphone
Check out the Info Exchange section at ScrollSaw Woodworking and Crafts for their note on the free iHandy Level app, available for both the Apple iPhone and Android based phones. Looks like a useful device. The app turns your smart phone into a level. A more sophisticated version, the iHandy Carpenter, adds addition features such as a protractor, plumb bob, ruler and two levels for $1.99. 

Other Updates
Check the Suppliers page where we have added new contact information about wood supplies available from club member Jim Mielke.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

The Picnic

Great Picnic We celebrate the NorthStar Scrollers and the Viking Woodcarvers at our annual picnic at Moir Parkin Bloomington. Mark your calendar for this great event with awesome food, woodworking displays, traders’ blanket, etc. July 26, 2014 from 10am to 1pm.


Get ready for a live auction, hopefully presented by Swede as the auctioneer. Gather your donations of woodworking tools, materials, projects, etc. for a lively club fundraising auction. Also bring projects for display.


Great food! Great People! Great Fun! Only $5 for a great picnic lunch. Bring young people–Dinner is free for under age 16. In the past we’ve had a variety of demonstrations and a good place to pick up tools, wood, etc. Volunteer to demonstrate or teach. It’ll be great – mark your calendar and bug “Mike the Puzzle Guy” to bring games. Stay tuned for more info coming by e-mail…


Moir Park

104th Street and Morgan Ave

Bloomington, MN 55431

Exit 35W at 106th Street and drive west to Morgan then turn right to 104th.

The Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota NorthStar Scrollers will display and demonstrate our craft in the Creative Activities Building on Labor Day, Sept 1st

NorthStar Scrollers Meeting
We will resume our regular meetings on September 6th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bloomington. Stay tuned for details but in the meantime here is what happened at our last meeting in May.
May 3, 2014

9:30 - 11:30 AM

Knights of Columbus Hall

1114 American Blvd.

Bloomington 55420 – Lower Level

Jock Holmen - Master Carver

Jock will be talking about small workshop organization including his small portable work bench.


Jock Holmen has dedicated his entire work life to woodworking and woodcarving, specializing in Scandinavian styles.  He was elected in January 2013 as the president of the Viking Woodcarvers Club in Bloomington, MN.  2012 marked his first year as a woodworking judge at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American National Juried Exhibitions in Decorah, Iowa. Jock was awarded his Gold Medal in woodworking in 2009 and earned six ribbons total. He won the First Place Carving award at the 2005 Northern Woods Exhibition in Minneapolis. He has appeared on television in the Twin Cities and Chicago areas, and is a frequent speaker and demonstrator at woodworking and Scandinavian festivals in the Midwest.