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Approved February 2, 2013

Article #1
Name:  The club shall be known as the “North Star Scrollers” hereafter referred to as “The Club”.

Article #2
Location:  The base of operation for The Club is the Twin Cities area in Minnesota but includes all of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.  The address used, for Club correspondence, will be the current address of the presiding President of The Club.

Article #3
Objective:  The Club is committed to providing quality programs and services for the members with the latest information available in an effort to increase each individual member’s interest, knowledge, techniques and skills in all phases of wood working and the use of tools, products and equipment related to scroll sawing.  The Club also provides a place for scrollers to meet and exchange ideas and techniques.  The Club members may participate in testing and evaluating new products and publish the results for the members’ use.

Article #4
Demonstrations:  Demonstrations will be a normal activity of the Club and are to be conducted solely at the discretion of officers and all safety and instruction is to be under their explicit direction and control.  Placing signs or notice on or around any equipment used for demonstrations; safety eye protection must be worn.  Use a dust mask.  Follow safety precautions at all times.

Article #5
Qualification for membership:  An applicant should have a genuine interest in scroll sawing and a desire to improve and further their knowledge and techniques.  They should also show willingness to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

Article #6
Meetings:  Regular meetings shall be held once a month from September through May.  Additional meetings may be held as decided by the chapter. The time, date and location of meetings are to be determined by a vote of the members and are subject to change due to availability of a suitable location or conflict with other events.  Attendance at club functions and meetings shall be confined to members and invited guests.  All members are to be notified of any special meetings or changes in meeting time, date or location prior to the scheduled event.  A notice of each meeting (newsletter) will be sent to each member before it is scheduled.

Article #7
Officers:  The regular officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
In addition to the regular officers, there shall be a Program Chair Person, a Web Master, and a News Letter Editor which may be either elected by the members or appointed by the President.  These officers shall be elected annually in April by a majority vote of the Chapter’s paid-up members . 

Term of Office:  Each officer shall hold office for one year.

Removal:  Any officer elected or appointed may be removed when it is deemed that the best interests of the Chapter would be served by such removal.  This would be accomplished by a majority vote of the Chapter’s members who are present at the time of the vote, so long as at least 50% of the paid-up members are present.
Vacancies:  A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or otherwise may be filled by a majority vote or the members or the officers for the remaining portion of the term.

Article #8
Board of Directors: A Board of Directors shall be formed consisting of the officers, the immediate Past President, and up to three regular members.  It shall be the function of the Board to make recommendations for the solution of unresolved issues as they deem necessary.

Article #9
Membership Dues and/or Fees:  Annual individual dues and fees for memberships are to be decided on by the members and a schedule and record of such shall be kept on file by the Treasurer.  A 2/3 majority vote is required to increase the dues and is to be recorded in the minutes with reason.  This shall require notification of all members and require the changing of these By-Laws.
1. Dues are to be for annual membership for a calendar year beginning on April 1 and ending on March 31 of following year.
2. Dues for families shall be same as for an individual membership. 
3.   Spouses will be designated as “Associate Members” and will have full membership rights.
Article #10
Expenditure of Club Funds:  All expenditures of Club funds over $250.00 shall be presented to the membership for their approval.
1. All expenditures under $75 shall be approved by one officer.
2. All checks drawn on the Club account must be signed by either The Club President or Treasurer.

Article #11
Voting Requirements:  In order to vote on any matter, the persons voting must be paid-up members.  In order for any matter requiring a quorum, there must be at least fifty percent of the paid up members present.

Article #1
Voting Procedure:  Voting on regular motions and proposals shall be decided by a verbal “yes” or “no”. Or a show of hands, either for or against and a simple majority shall rule unless otherwise indicated by the by-laws.  When voting to elect officers, the vote shall be decided by a secret ballot.

Article #2
Election of Officers:  Annual elections for officers shall be held in April of each year to elect officers for the following year.  The terms of office will be for one year each and shall run from April through March 31st of the year after the elections are held.

Article #3
Duties of Officers:
1. The President shall preside over all meetings whether they are regular or special meetings.  The President has the full responsibility of planning and executing all meetings, functions and activities pertaining to The Club.
1.1. The President is responsible to appoint a committee to perform an annual audit of The Club financial records on a calendar year basis.
1.2. The President shall appoint a committee to review and make recommendations for additions, deletions or amendments to the by-laws for The Club’s best interests on an annual basis.
1.3. The President shall be aware of and seek out opportunities for the Chapter that serves its’ interest.
2. The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.
2.1. The Vice President is also responsible for those functions and activities as may be assigned to him/her by the President.
3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all events occurring during regular or special meetings to include members present, time, date and place of meeting, business discussed including resolutions voted on and time of adjournment.
3.1. The Secretary reads all correspondence and conducts the meetings when other presiding officers are absent.
3.2. The Secretary shall publish and distribute a Club roster once a year, therefore it is incumbent on the members to keep the Secretary informed on any changes in their status such as, Name, Address, Phone Number, e-mail address, etc.
4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and paying out all funds belonging to the Club and keep an accurate record of all transactions.
4.1. The Treasurer shall report all financial transactions during the preceding months and the balance of funds available at each meeting.
5. The Program Chairman shall schedule Chapter meeting speakers/presenters and topics for the best interest of its members.
6. The News Letter Editor shall assemble information and publish a monthly news letter with information of past meetings and items of interest planned for future meetings and events.
7. The Web Master shall update and maintain the website as necessary.

Article #4
Committees:  Committees shall be selected by the President appointing a chair person and two additional members.  After selecting a chair person for a committee, the President may choose to have the chair person select the two or more additional members to assist him/her.

Article #5
Procedures:  All meetings and Club activities shall be conducted in an orderly fashion.  During meetings, basic Parliamentary Law shall be followed.  The President shall preside and control the activities of the meeting.

Article #6
Amendments to By-Laws:  Amendments, changes, deletions or additions to the By-Laws may only be decided by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting where the members present represent a quorum.

By signing this, the following Club officers and members certify that the preceding By-Laws have been reviewed and accepted by the members of The Club on this date, February 2, 2013

______________________________                                 _________________________________
President, John Engler                                      Vice President, Marvin Grimm

______________________________              _________________________________
Secretary/Treasurer, Donna Zibley                      Program Chairman, Swede Bengston