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Charlie Bradley's Glue Presentation

Miscellaneous Glue Tips and tricks from Charlie and others

If you need bendable veneer, use 2 two layered, not three layered plywood.

GLUE APPLICATION:  Rather than squeezing any glue directly from the bottle to a tiny spot on your project, 
  • Squeeze it into a little puddle onto something on your tabletop. 
  • Use either a toothpick or the tail end of a tiny brush. 
  • Dip the tip into the glue and ROLL IT on to the spot needed on your project.  

CA GLUE:Charlie uses Medium thick CA Glue with an accelerator and cautions user to use a fan and/or wear a mask to protect against the unhealthy fumes.

  •  CA glue has a limited shelf life and you don’t know how long it’s been in the distribution pipeline. Put your CA glue in the refrigerator to extend its life. 
  • Only buy CA glue from places where there is frequent turnover to ensure that the glue is fresher. For example, a grocery or drug store may now sell as much as a woodworker or handyman type of store.

SOBO GLUE: SOBO glue is used by many Intarsia artists.

  • It dries clear, has time to work with it, and has a little flex to it if needed. 
  • It can be purchased at Michael’s or the fabric stores.  
  • It is pricey so only buy with the coupons that are always available for these stores.

EPOXY: Some woodworkers use epoxy putty which is a room-temperature-hardening substance

  • It can be used as a space-filling adhesive.
  • Use epoxy putty with pigment to match your project’s wood color  
STORING GLUE: When your glue bottle is all glued tight at the tip – do not dig into it or try to carve it out as that just makes the opening too large – PULL IT OUT with your teeth or a pliers. Store Gorilla Glue upside down so that no skim layer forms on the top 

MISC: Before scrolling cover your wood with blue tape for easy removal after scrolling. Spray adhesive on the back of a pattern and press the pattern onto blue tape.

Dental picks are awesome tools to get glue, dust and debris out of the tiny crevices in your projects. These picks can come from dentists, Harbor Freight or online from a company called Enco.

Large rubber bands/straps work very well to hold projects together while the glue dries.

When Stack-cutting, Charlie either tapes, uses brads, or a touch of CA glue on the corners to hold the pieces together while scrolling.











Charlie Bradley Gluing Veneer Demonstration