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Tips Jigs and Workshop Wisdom

By Donna Zibley


Once a year, we find that we like to get together and share some helpful hints for our fellow woodworkers. Folks provided some helpful tips and also brought in a handful of jigs that they’ve made to make the scroller’s job much easier.


Most of the items brought in had to do with using clamps in creative ways to accommodate various woodworking challenges.

Marv brought in his sanding box.


Jim Mielke shared information about a jig he made that improves the efficiency of fretwork, especially when you are mass producing. He put handles on a board for fast swirling. His jig has been published in Wood Magazine.


Others had tips and stories that helped, entertained, and even alarmed us. (If you weren’t there, ask someone about the feeding the dog story).


EZ-Mount Clamp on flat surface                        Center hole on dowel jig                                    Jig for small complex sawing                         Glue press for various  sized bowls & baskets

Swede sent along a variety of clamping jigs. Note the V-cut on the dowel jig for drilling a center hole.

Mike Snyder brought in some mind-boggling jigs he created so that he could make those complicated, compound puzzles that he specializes in.


Once again, it was a beneficial meeting and a nice chance for the gang to get back together after our summer break.