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Woodworking Magic


By Donna Zibley


One might ask why we need to keep trying to add members to the North Star Scrollers. I mean, we are a bunch of experienced, gifted and talented folks, right?  Today’s presentation by new member Larry Gardner is one great example of why we should bring new folks into the fold. Larry has woodworking experience as an intarsia artist, but he also brings another whole new avenue of woodworking to our talent pool: a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. (See picture and link at bottom.)


Retired from the Air Force and with the spousal marching orders to “stay busy,” Larry expanded his woodworking and revenue-producing repertoire by purchasing a CNC machine. Larry creates a variety of beautiful items including fabulous, custom-made cribbage boards and stunning, one-of-a-kind lithopane boxes, all under the name of Gardner Custom WoodCrafts. He finds clients mostly through Facebook.


In addition to the CNC machines, Larry has invested in 500,000 computerized art samples that he can customize by adding names, changing sizes, etc. Larry’s cribbage boards come in a variety of shapes, such as U.S. states, logos of professional sports teams, causes of all sorts, and literally “whatever his clients can dream up.” The game boards are so cool that it might just make a person want to take up cribbage.


Larry’s real stunner products are his lithopane boxes. He crafts a wooden box with a top surface that looks like a picture frame. In that picture frame is a piece of ¼” white Corian, into which Larry has used his CNC to route an exact replica of a photograph a client has given him. Inside the box is a light. When the light is turned on, the photo is seen in stellar clarity and is absolutely gorgeous!  If you are looking for a uniquely beautiful and personal gift for someone, either one of his specialties is just the ticket.



Armed with his 21” Excalibur scroll saw and his CNC machine, Larry is fully equipped to make woodworking magic. Unfortunately for us, Larry and his wife will be retiring to the East Coast in the near future. Assuming he will still need to “keep busy,” we fully expect Larry to continue to craft his wonderful creations. Our hats go off to Larry for showing us yet another avenue for working with wood.      




Shark Pro Plus HD



To see more pictures of Larry’s new CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, the new Shark Pro Plus HD Click here and then click on the right of each picture to advance to next slide.