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Wooden Tie Hints

Enter the North Star Scrollers Wooden Tie Contest

Wooden Ties

Sign up and pick up your pattern at the next North Star Scrollers Meeting. 
Then unleash your creative genius and scroll away.

These are some suggestions for successfully completing your wooden tie

  • Ties should follow the basic tie shape of the patterns.
  •  About ¼” thick with the thickest parts at ½” thick (so they are not TOO heavy).
  • Drill the hole in the tie knot while it is still square and prior to shaping it.
  • The string for the neck can be a normal shoestring or a leather shoestring.
  • The tie’s wooden pieces are glued to a flexible material such as a piece of leather, so that it can flex like a tie would.
  • SOBO Glue, Barge Cement, or 2-part Epoxy is a suggestion for gluing the wood to the leather
  •  Apply finish to your wood tie pieces prior to gluing to the leather.
  • You can buy leather from John for $3, or buy from Tandy Leather at the NW corner of Portland & American Blvd in Bloomington, or cut up an old leather item from home or at Goodwill, ARC Village, or Salvation Army.
  • Patterns will be available at the January and February meetings. Judging will take place in March, so if you were not at December’s meeting, you’ll have plenty of time to get yours done!