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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:30 – 11:30 am

(NO meetings in June, July or August)

2010 Holiday Meeting is Saturday, December 4th with Bill Sauer speaking about his Siberian Travels

Meetings held at Swede Bengtson’s Home Workshop

2520 W. 112th St.  Bloomington, Mn   612-723-4346

- Bring your questions & items for Show & Tell -

  • MINUTES & FINANCIAL REPORT:  The last Newsletter minutes & the financial report were accepted

  • VIKING WOODCARVER SHOW:  Mark your calendar to attend that great show held from November 13-14 at the Southtown Shopping Center.  Show your support – please attend!  

  • WEARING APPAREL:  Scroller T-shirts were available for purchase and pickup today for $15. Club sweatshirts reservations were available today for $30.  Club coffee mugs are available to order for $9.  Today we brought in $285 for apparel.  $75 worth of apparel was ordered but not paid for. Our apparel will be available for sale at the upcoming Woodworking Show next week.  T-shirts will be sold for $19.95 rather than the $15 cost that our members paid today.

  • WEBSITE:  Reed Carpenter continues to do a great job working on our club website which should be completed by the first of the year.

  • 2011 CLUB PICNIC:  Members voted to join forces with the Viking Woodcarvers and possibly the woodturning group for next summer’s picnic.  This “Woodworkers Picnic” at Bloomington’s Moir Park will cost each member in the neighborhood of $5 or so.  That reasonable fee will get us a meal as well as activities provided by each club, ex: carving stations, scrolling stations, etc.   With what they offer and the fact that some of our members are in several of the local woodworking clubs, this appears to be a logical and fun decision.

  • MEETING TOPICS:  Program Director John Engler asked for input as to what kind of topics we want to see demonstrated at our meetings.  Some of the possibilities are carving, fretwork, marquetry, compound cutting, and segmentation.  Other topics that include the possibility of a “field trip” to go and see the demonstrator in action in his shop are: Banjo Maker, American Woodworker Headquarters, and a Laser Shop.

  • NORTHSTAR BUSINESS CARDS:  It was commented that we need to get a supply of our business cards displayed at such places as Rockler and Woodcrafters for folks who might be interested in scrolling.

  • $359.12 TOTAL in Club Checking Account at the end of October.  This reflects the $409.82 paid out to Taylor Made Specialties for our initial apparel order.  This money will be returned as apparel is sold.  It does NOT include the $285 that we brought in today (November 6th).

Neil treated us today to a well prepared and wonderful demonstration about how to create LOGSCAPES.  Neil may very well be the only person in existence who creates this uniquely beautiful artwork.  What logscapes are is a piece of art made from a log that within it includes layers of cut silhouettes or carvings.  These layers are then put back together in the correct sequence as the original log.  The layering provides a 3D view thru the log of a scene that the artist has designed and created.  Neil showed us a log with a scene of howling wolves and another with the Christmas Manger scene.  He is also writing a step-by-step pamphlet on how to create a logscape so you can make one in your workshop too.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Donna Zibley/Northstar Scrollers’ Secretary-Treasurer