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Baltic - Russian Birch Plywood

Applying Scroll Saw Patterns To Your Work Piece
Presenter: Scroll Saw goodies

Removing Scroll Saw Patterns From Your Work Piece
Presenter: Scroll Saw goodies

Beginners Guide to Wood Working

Good Books

Scroll Saw Workbook, 3rd edition
by John Nelson
Learn to master your scroll saw in 25 skill-building chapters.
Paperback $12.83 (Amazon)
Published by: Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts Books

Scroll Saw Association of the World (SAW)
The Scrollsaw Association of the World (SAW) is a U.S. based international, non-profit membership organization providing education, information, and organization to those interested in woodworking produced with the use of a scroll saw. Made up of individual members, local chapters, and a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors SAW provides members with a newsletter, SAW Dust, a Resource Directory and occasional specialty publications. Click on the link above to view SAW's website for additional information.
Steve Good's site offers FREE patterns. You can sign up to be on
his e-mail list which gets you good, free patterns and advice almost daily. His site also has for FREE:
a community forum, scroll saw school, scroll saw videos, reader photos, software as well as dozens
of links to other scroller related websites and vendors.
Donna Zibley just used an awesome accessory for scrollers: Sanding Mop from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. Fabulous for cleaning up your project/cuttings without changing their profile!
The NorthStar Scrollers frequently hold meetings at the North Country Woodshop. 
Harley Pierce found this magazine article featuring our own Jock Holman.
Markets many great Intarsia patterns.
The NW Carving Academy is a weeklong gathering of wood carvers.  They come from all over the U.S. and Canada, to Ellensburg, Washington, to attend seminars put on by some of the best known master carvers in the nation. See the NWCA flyer below.

Katie Nielson said Srollmania is a great website that includes a tutorial and a free bowl pattern maker.

The bowl expert is Carole Rothman.  She has several, very detailed books on how to make gorgeous bowls. 

Member Web Sites

Zarling Scrollworks is Matt's site displaying his Segmentation art.

Poleschuk Studios is Nicks website. Here is Nick's description of his work., 
"My work comes out of a love for sculpting, a passion for detail and a tool discovered at a woodworking show that allows me to combine the two, a high speed engraver.  The speed of the engraver allows me tremendous control to create my sculptures. The dental burs used help me produce the unique textures seen in my work."

Gardner Custom Woodcrafts now has a website. Larry specializes in CNC woodworking.

Videos - YouTube

Scroll Saw Basics - Swede Bengtson


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